Net Energy

The energy value of a feed (ingredient or diet) can be expressed as digestible energy (DE), metabolizable energy (ME) and net energy (NE).

Research has shown that the net energy is the best estimator the true energy of ingredients and complete feeds as DE and ME underestimate the energy value of feeds rich in fat and starch and overestimate that of feeds rich in protein and fibre.

The net energy system is also better for predicting animal performance and carcass quality, particularly when pigs are fed reduced protein or high-fat diets. For that reason, using net energy for ingredients and for feed formulation is highly recommended.

The use of net energy instead of digestible energy leads to changes in ingredients ranking.

When digestible energy and net energy value are expressed as percentage of a compounded feed (wheat: 67%, soybean meal: 16%, fat: 2.5%, wheat bran: 5%, peas: 5% …), the feedstuff ranking changes (see table).

The energy digestibility depends on pig body weight and technology (pelleting, enzymes supplementation, etc...). Therefore, EvaPig® proposes energy values different for growing pigs and adult pigs and offers the possibility of giving a bonus to energy digestibility coefficients.